Policies and Procedures

Most Common Program Violations
Most families who are selected for the program comply with the rules, but occasionally some do not. It is always unpleasant when someone violates the rules and penalties are required. To prevent families from embarrassment and hardship, the program rules must be thoroughly understood by all persons involved. The most common violations are listed below. Please call our Section 8 staff if you have further questions.

Unauthorized Household Members
The persons you listed on your application for housing assistance are the only persons who may reside in your housing unit. If you permit anyone who has not been approved by IHA to reside in your unit, it is a violation of your Family Obligations, and it may very well result in the loss of your housing assistance.

Under-Reported Income
When you are interviewed by IHA, you will be asked to report all income received by everyone in your household. If a family withholds income, it causes IHA to pay more money to the owner than the law requires. This is a violation of your Family Obligations. In these cases the family may be required to repay money. In addition, it could result in the loss of housing assistance or, in some cases, criminal penalties.

Sub-Leasing the Unit
When IHA approves your family; we approve your family only. It is illegal for any family on the program to lease all or part of their unit to anyone.

Not Reporting Changes
At the briefing, an IHA representative will explain the procedures for reporting changes in household members, income, etc. Failure to report these changes could result in repayment of money or loss of housing assistance.

Not Providing Information or Documents
When IHA requests that you furnish additional documentation, it is because it is a program requirement. If you do not furnish these necessary documents, your application will not be verified and you will be ineligible for the program. This also applies every time you are due for recertification.

For a more detailed description of the Housing Choice Voucher program (Section 8), please review the following documents:

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