Bruce R. Baird, President

Mr. Baird has over 21 years of experience in community economic development, affordable housing development and asset management. He has extensive working relationships with public, nonprofit and private partners -- necessary for successful affordable housing development in Marion County. Previously, Mr. Baird served as managing director of Insight Development Corp. and director of strategic planning and development for the Indianapolis Housing Agency (IHA).

Jennifer Green, Vice President

Ms. Green brings substantial expertise to the job, having formerly served as Assistant Administrator for Community Economic Development with the City of Indianapolis and project manager for its nationally recognized Fall Creek Place development. In addition to her role as Vice President for Insight Development Corp., Ms. Green serves as director of strategic planning and development for IHA.

Bryan Conn, Senior Project Manager

Mr. Conn coordinates pre-development transactions and manages daily development activities. Prior to joining Insight, Mr. Conn worked as Housing Programs Manager for Southeast neighborhood Development, Inc. creating affordable housing opportunities on the southeast side of Indianapolis. 

Brian Madison, Project Director

Mr. Madison evaluates development opportunities, coordinates development plans, and implements procedures for IHA’s revitalization projects. He also leads the agency’s five-year and annual planning processes in cooperation with HUD. Mr. Madison has over 10 years of experience in real estate, real estate law, and community economic development. 

Joel “Gene” Dibbern, Senior Construction Project Manager

Mr. Dibbern manages field superintendents and other construction project employees, inspects projects to maintain compliance with code and design specifications, and ensures that construction documents are in order for HUD monitoring purposes. Mr. Dibbern’s career has been in the construction industry, and he has worked at IHA for over 30 years.

Wendy Cooper, Senior Special Projects Manager

Ms. Cooper manages the development of plans, goals and procedures for implementation of special projects. She has extensive housing and community economic development experience in the private, public and not for profit sector. Prior to joining Insight Development Corp, she was the Director of Economic Development for Flanner House where she facilitated strategies for housing and commercial development. 

Strategic Planning & Development