The Indianapolis Housing Agency (IHA) is a federally-funded government housing agency that provides low-income families, seniors and families with disabilities access to affordable housing in one of our IHA communities or in private market housing subsidized through the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Program (Section 8).  It is IHA’s hope that by helping these families afford safe, quality housing, we will also encourage individual and family self-sufficiency, promote fair housing and fight housing discrimination.

From the IHA Executive Director

Our mission at IHA is a simple one – to provide low-income families, seniors and persons with disabilities access to decent, safe, affordable housing in Indianapolis. By extension, we hope to fight housing discrimination in our community while leading more Indianapolis citizens to greater self-sufficiency.

Achieving that mission, however, is not so simple. In the midst of an uncertain economy, we must explore innovative and diverse solutions in a constant effort to serve as many Indianapolis families as possible, as fully as possible. Chasing innovation means executing progressive solutions like mixed-source financing for new developments. It also means establishing mixed-income communities that stabilize our neighborhoods while breaking the cycle of concentrated low-income housing that plagues so many urban areas.

At IHA, we pride ourselves on the efficiency and professionalism of the work we do in a field that can often be trying and short on resources. We do it with the knowledge that our work is essential and impactful – not only on the lives of the families we assist, but on the changing landscape of affordable housing in Indianapolis.